RubberSoul — Entelechia of fetish

The Greeks had a word describing the rather difficult concept of RubberSoul that I am trying to convey here:

`Entelechia: (En-tell-leck-ee-uh)
A particular type of motivation, need for self-determination, and inner strength directing life and growth to become all one is capable of being. It is the need to actualize one’s beliefs. It is having a personal vision and being able to actualize that vision from within. [Aristotelian philosophy.]

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Basically, it means “the drive from within to fulfill Purpose”

Entelechia is the foundation of RubberSoul. It is about striving to express your rubber-self to the fullest through the way you live your life. It is “the drive from within to fulfill Function or Purpose through rubber”. It’s the practice of taking an otherwise mundane fetish, based in mere sexuality and turning it into a creative art form as a means to expressing yourself.

It’s about engaging in the practice of being pro-active rather than re-active in wearing rubber.

Steffy, RubberJohn, Sealed and LatexLadyII are some of the more spectacular examples of how people have turned their lives into a kind of truly Rubberist art form. The moderators of the IAR, including myself, have adopted the building and maintaining of this community as one means to practicing our RubberSoul. Most people who have discovered an appetite for designing and creating rubber garments are practicing another aspect of RubberSoul.

People engaged in a DOM/sub relationship practice a kind of “personal theater” which is an example of the striving for deep, personal expression for an “audience” of two.

Recognize that expressing your RubberSoul does NOT need to be “public” or something you do 24 hours a day. It can be a very private, personal thing that you do only now and then.

It is also important to understand and accept that not only does every Rubberist have a different mix and degree of desires to seek personal fulfillment through rubber but their means and abilities will also vary widely as well.

When you begin to regard what you do in rubber as practicing a kind of “personal” artform, you are on your way to RubberSoul!

The problem now becomes, where is the “line” between mundane, reactive rubbering and the proactive, practice of RubberEntelechia?

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