Rubber as Amulet

Moore refers to an amulet as “an object chosen for it’s constituent material” which invites a particular spirit. [MOOR-EHCHANT.208]
A latex catsuit is an amulet in this sense.  It is chosen because the latex invokes a particular kind of “spell” over the wearer.  It’s a “magic suit”.
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  1. I totally agree with you on the magical/sacred/divine aspect of rubber as an amulet. The latin root of amulet is also interesting (lat. amuletum = an object that protects a person from trouble). Based on this definition we might then wonder: what does a rubber amulet protect its wearer from ?

  2. Actually, from the angle of an academic esotericist, an amulet is charged with a spiritual essence sometimes of a very precise and not necessarily divine nature. It is done at precise times astrologically, and does depend to some extent on the use of divine energy.

  3. I should mention that the above refers to the modern-day author Thomas Moore and is from his book: “Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life”. He should not be confused with Sir Thomas More of a few centuries ago.

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