“Hacking” the Rubberist Experience

Before you read the rest of this message, please view the very short YouTube video from Jason Silva here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJlfwbS0BFY  Pay special attention to what he says about “hacking experience”.

For the last 7-8 years I have been a student of  Dr. Mihalyi Csíkszentmihályi’s concept of “Flow“, which is the state of completely focused attention that is one of the fundamental sources of human happiness.  “Happiness is absorption” (TE Lawrence).

Then, along comes Jason Silva with his idea of “Experience Design” (see the video link above). This is the idea that we can deliberately engineer our experience, through “attention” (i.e. Flow) to optimize and direct our perceptions and, thereby, add significantly to our own  happiness.

When we combine the principles of Flow with Experience Design, we may have the basis for a (teachable)  “Meta Skill” that could be applied to rubber fetish or anything that involves us deeply.

Imagine “scripting your own rubber movie”! What heights of sensuality and

depths of satisfactions could we achieve from our fetish as we applied this skill to it? Could we use it to directly and deliberately generate more than just pleasure but real, deeply seated happiness for us? Could it give our lives as Rubberists deeper meaning?

How could you “script your own movie”? Why doesn’t everyone do it? Why is it so difficult to do?

Part of the problem is probably something called Hedonic Adaptation. As Jason Silva puts it (in another video), “over-stimulation to the same kind of thing renders it invisible. Your brain has already mapped it and you are no longer engaged by it. We have eyes that see not, ears that hear not and hearts that neither feel nor understand.”

It’s why the deliciousness of your latex suit diminishes the longer you wear it. It loses its “wonder”.

The key to overcoming hedonic adaptation is the skill of attention.  The longer you can “attend” to something, the longer you can make the wonder last.

I’ll posit here that there may be skill sets, perhaps some sort of “rubber yoga”, which may help us renew and maintain a higher level of “catsuit wonder”. Perhaps we can “design our experience” to make it all better, more longlasting and more worthwhile. Maybe we can build wonder back it continuously?

OK, here’s a meta-skill which could directly impact your level of personal happiness. How would you “script your own rubber movie”?

Hope this gets you folks thinking!

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