“Embryonic” State of Mind

SPIRITUALITY: the deliberate, ongoing practice of seeking expanded consciousness.
PRACTICE: is an important aspect as it denotes activity and striving rather than passive receptivity. It is proactive rather than reactive.
While TE (“Total Enclosure”) may address much of the probable physical sensation of returning to home, we forget about the mental side of it. What does an embryo experience mentally? Surely, there are all the sensory impulses. But embryos have no experience with the outside world. They do not see daylight or have language or any kind of cultural experience.
They are just here, now. They are simply aware.
Perhaps attaining an “embryonic mind state” is the actual goal of mindfulness meditation–it becomes simply aware of the Now–to return to the mental womb. Perhaps one should focus on  techniques for being simply aware.
Those who spend time in flotation/isolation tanks, a similar environment, report heightened creativity and, especially, profoundly deep peace.
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Here is one possible technique for doing this:
Imagine being in TE and equipped with studio grade isolation earphones. Mount microphones your abdomen, heart and nostrils. Pipe those sounds into the earphones so the you can hear your various noises but nothing else. Climb into an inflatable latex sack similar to a womb. After a few hours what you experience? Once your mind settles down, what would your mental stream be like? If you did this for a few hours each night for a week or two, how would this affect you in the longer term? With this tend to be beneficial or would it cause you to become neurotic?
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